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Post-doctoral Researcher



J.F. López-Barberá started his research career in the field of photonics and non-linear optics (photorefractive crystals and holographic memories). Afterwards he dedicated his PhD (2008-2012) to the field of plasmonics, in particular the control and excitation of surface plasmons on complex nanostructured surfaces for the understanding of plasmonic dynamics (Plasmonics and Ultrafast NanoOptics Group of the University College Dublin, Ireland). During his doctorate studies he was trained in the use of femtosecond laser sources, autocorrelation based techniques and near field tools for plasmon examination (PEEM, SNOM). Dr. López-Barberá stayed as postdoc in the Magnetic Nanostructures Group of the Institut Català de Nanociencia I Nanotecnologia (ICN2) until 2017. He is currently studying magnetoplasmonics and characterization of magnetic materials (ferromagnetic, ferromagnetic/noble metal and ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic systems) using MOKE and SQUID magnetometers, and spectroscopic techniques.