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    Group Leader: Dr. Jordi Sort (Responsible of the Physics Lab)    
Deputy Head: Dr. Eva Pellicer (Responsible of the Chemistry Lab)
Senior Scientists at UAB:

Prof. Santiago Suriñach (Full-Professor)

Prof. Maria Dolors Baró
(Full Professor, Head of the “Physics of Materials II” unit)

Post-doctoral Researchers:


Dr. Isarain Chávez
Dr. Jordina Fornell
Dr. Miguel Guerrero
Dr. Enric Menéndez
Dr. Shauna Robbennolt

Technical Suppport: Dr. Pau Solsona  
PhD Students:    

Doga Bilican
Evangelia Dislaki
Cristina Navarro-Senent
Alberto Quintana
Asier Salicio
Veronica Sireus

Project Manager : Jordi Malapeira  
Direct collaborations at UAB Campus:  

Prof. Carme Nogués (Full Professor, Department of Cellular Biology, Physiology and Immunology)

Prof. Àlvar Sánchez (Head of the Superconductors Group at the Physics Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Prof. Josep Nogués (ICREA Professor, Head of the Nanomagnetism group at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology)

Dr. Emma Rossinyol (Microscopy Service at Autonomous University of Barcelona)