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Shared equipments with:

"Laboratory of magnetic and thermal measurements" (Physics Department, UAB)

"Group of magnetic nanostructures" (Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology)

- Sample preparation

  • Glove Box System (<1ppm O2 & H2O)
  • Rapid solidification (melt spinnig, bulk casting...)
  • Several Ball milling Equipments with atmosphere control
  • Three Potentiostats/galvanostats
  • Sputtering Unit for the growth of metallic and oxide films (including magnetic)
  • Dip coating (EISA method) for the preparation of porous oxide films
  • Dealloying and Anodization setup

- Thermal Characterization   

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (up to 1000K)
  • Thermogravimetric/ Thermomagnetogravimetric analysis (up to 1300K)
  • Differential thermal analysis (up to 1500K)
  • Dilatometric analysis (up to 1200K)

- Thermal treatments

  • High vacuum; atmosphere controlled; maximum temperature 1700K
  • Sample hydrogenation

- Metallographic sample preparation

- Morphological characterization (optical microscopies transmission & reflection mode)

- Hardness: macro, micro, nanoidentation (with atomic and magnetic force microscopies)

- Magnetic characterization

  • AC Susceptometer (liquid helium temp up to RT)
  • Two Vibrating sample magnetometers (maximum field: 2.6 Tesla; temperatura range: 100-1000 K; magneto-electric option, up to 200 Volts)
  • MOKE (Magneto-optic Kerr efect), in collaboration with Prof. Nogués
  • SQUID, in collaboration with Prof. Nogués

- Mechanical characterization

  • Static mode (2kN; RT)
  • Dynamic mode (25kN; up to 1500K)
  • Charpy

- Electrochemical corrosion testing

- Density measurements (Archimedes method)

- Resistivity measurements (4 point contact)

Other UAB Facilities:

- Chemical ICP analysis

- Transmission electron microscopy with EDAX

- Scanning electron microscopy with EDAX

- X Ray diffraction (RT up to 700K)

- Cytotoxicity and Cell Adhesion studies (Department of Cellular Biology, Physiology and Immunology)

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