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Post-doctoral Researcher



Dr. Isarain Chávez obtained his B.S degree in Chemistry Engineering in 2004 and a Master Degree in Environmental Engineering in 2007, both from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 2009, he obtained the Advanced Studies Diploma in Electrochemistry and in 2011 he received his Philosphical Degree in Chemistry, both from the Universitat de Barcelona. His work dealt with the development of electrochemical advanced oxidation processes for the treatment of several persistent organic pollutants in water, such as b-blockers, focusing on direct anodic oxidation with boron-doped diamond, dimensional stable anode, electro-Fenton, photoelectro-Fenton, solar photoelectro-Fenton, electrocoagulation and electroflocculation processes. His most recent studies deal with the optimization of technologies and advanced oxidation processes in electrochemical engineering, environmental electrochemistry, and the study of novel advanced electrode materials such as Fe-Pt nanoporous for catalytic and magnetic applications. He has published around 20 research papers and presented oral communications in international meetings.