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Direct magnetic patterning due to the generation of ferromagnetism by selective ion irradiation of paramagnetic FeAl alloys. E. Menéndez, M. O. Liedke, J. Fassbender, T. Gemming, A. Weber, L. J. Heyderman, K. V. Rao, S. C. Deevi, S. Suriñach, M. D. Baró, J. Sort, J. Nogués. Small 5 (2009) 229

Magnetization reversal in circularly exchange-biased ferromagnetic disks. M. Tanase, A. K. Petford-Long, O. Heinonen, K. S. Buchanan, J. Sort, J. Nogués. Physical Review B 79 (2009) 014436

Yielding and intrinsic plasticity of Ti-Zr-Ni-Cu-Be bulk metallic glass. J. Fornell, A. Concustell, S. Suriñach, W. H. Li, N. Cuadrado, A. Gebert, M. D. Baró, J. Sort. International Journal of Plasticity 25 (2009) 1540

Influence of the loading rate on the indentation response of Ti-based metallic glass. J. Sort, J. Fornell, W. Li, S. Suriñach and M. D. Baró. Journal of Materials Research 24 (2009) 918

Controlled generation of ferromagnetic martensite from paramagnetic austenite in AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel. E. Menéndez, J. Sort, M.O. Liedke, J. Fassbender, S. Suriñach, M.D. Baró, J. Nogués. Journal of Materials Research 24 (2009) 565

Emergence of noncollinear anisotropies from interfacial magnetic frustration in exchange-bias systems. E. Jiménez, J. Camarero, J. M. García-Martín, J. Sort, N. Mikuszeit,  A. Hoffmann, B. Dieny, J. Nogués, and R. Miranda. Physical Review B 80 (2009) 014415

Work-hardening mechanisms of the Ti60Cu14Ni12Sn4Nb10 nanocomposite alloy. A. Concustell, J. Sort, J. Fornell, E. Rossinyol, S. Suriñach, A. Gebert, J. Eckert, M. D. Baró. Journal of Materials Research 24 (2009) 3146

Unconventional elastic properties, deformation behaviour and fracture characteristics of newly developed rare-earth bulk metallic glasses. J. Fornell, S. Suriñach, M. D. Baró, J. Sort. Intermetallics 17 (2009) 1090

Magnetic proximity effect features in antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic core/shell nanoparticles. I.V. Golosovsky, G. German Salazar, A. López, M. A. González, J. Sort, S. Suriñach, M.D. Baró, J. Nogués. Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) 247201

Highly asymmetric magnetic behavior in exchange biased systems induced by non-collinear field cooling. E. Jimenez, J. Camarero, R. Miranda, J. Sort, A. Hoffmann, J. M. Garcia-Martin, B. Dieny, J. Nogués. Applied Physics Letters 95 (2009) 122508

Direct evidence of imprinted vortex states in the antiferromagnet of exchange biased microdisks. G. Salazar-Alvarez, J. J. Kavich, J. Sort, A. Mugarza, S. Stepanow, A. Potenza, H. Marchetto, S. S. Dhesi, V. Baltz, B. Dieny, A. Webber, L. J. Heyderman, J. Nogués, P. Gambardella. Applied Physics Letters 95 (2009) 012510

Simultaneous in-plane and out-of-plane exchange bias using a single antiferromagnetic layer. J. Nogués, S. Stepanow, A. Bollero, J. Sort, B. Dieny, F. Nolting, P. Gambardella. Applied Physics Letters 95 (2009) 152515