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Dr. Huiyan Zhang: Stayed in our group as a post-doctoral researcher for two years (2015-2016). She is now working at Anhui University of Technology as Assistant Professor.

Dr. Daniel Esqué-de los Ojos stayed in our group as postdoc (2014-2015) within the MANAQA FET-Open Project, to carry out finite element modeling of the mechanical properties of different types of materials (nano-sized objects, porous frameworks, etc.). He is now Research Associate at the University of Manchester (School of Materials).

Dr. Sebastià Agramunt: Stayed in our group as post-doctoral researcher (2013) and is now establishing in the Private Sector.

Dr. Amadeu Concustell: Defended his PhD Thesis in 2007 (title: "Deformation behavior and strenghening of bulk metallic glasses and nanocomposites"), stayed for two years at the University of Cambridge (UK), then worked in La Farga LaCambra (private company) and at the Universitat de Barcelona (Thermal Spray Centre). Currently, he is working at the Centre Tecnològic de Manresa.

Roger Domingo: Stayed in our group as Master Student (2013-2014) and is now pursuing a PhD at the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering (University of Strathclyde-Glasgow).

Dr. Sergio González: Stayed in our group as Juan de la Cierva Researcher (period 2011-2013) and is now Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Northumbria (UK).

Dr. Anna Hynowska: Defended her PhD Thesis in 2014 (title: "Biocompatible Ti-based metallic glasses and nanocomposite materials") and is now working as postdoc at IMDEA (Madrid).

Dr. Nele Van Steenberge: Defended her PhD Thesis in 2008 (title: "Study of the structural changes in Zr-based bulk metallic glasses upon annealing and deformation processes") and is now working in OCAS-Arcelor Mittal, located in Ghent (Belgium).

Dr. Aïda Varea: Defended her PhD Thesis in 2013 (title: "Multifunctional Nanocrystalline Electrodeposited Cu-Ni Films ") and is now working at the Universitat de Barcelona (Electronics Department) as a postdoctoral researcher